Need help memorizing material? Check out these tips!

Worry no more!

There are many tips and tricks to memorizing material for that test you've been worrying about, so stop worrying and get reading! These helpful hints may be what determines if you pass or fail!

Here are some more tips if you're still feeling shaky on those notes!

-Through the Serial Position Effect, it usually a lot easier to remember material at the beginning or end of a chapter, so make sure to devote more time to the harder information!

-Study at different locations for a fresh working environment. Studying under the covers in your bed will unmotivated you, so get up and go out!

-GET ENOUGH SLEEP. You will remember the information better if you start studying early enough to get a good nights sleep instead of staying up past midnight trying to cram information. Sleep is directly linked with memory, so rest as much as possible!

Feeling better? Now go ace that test!