Salem's Despair

The Salem Witch Trials

The Witches Beginning

In 1692 The Salem witch trials started by some girl got really ill and started running around the house and hiding under the furniture. So they thought there was something extremely wrong with her. So they took and to the town doctor and they couldn't find ANYTHING wrong with her. So they thought she was possesed by some witch. So they girl started blaming people for some reason that no one knows why but everyone thought that the things she said was true so they started having court. What they did in court? Read more so you can find out.
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Burning Stakes

When the girl started blaming people they went to court and they held trials. The trials were to prove that they were not witches so they could go home and not be accused again. There were 7 different trails. They randomly chose one of the trails for the witches to go through.

1. They had to read a few words from a bible. The reason for this trail is they believed that God will kill the evil so they had them read to that and if they don't get hurt from reading a bible then they know that they are not a witch

2. They threw them in the water and if they didn't die they knew they were not a witch.

When they got accused they went with a group of other accused people and they go to prison to wait to do the trails. Some of the people accused died in prison before going to the trails. A few people that died in prison are Sarah Osburn, Roger Toothaker, Ann Foster, and Lydia Dustin.

The little town Salem

Salem was actually a really small town. It was located in part of Massachusetts. There was a lot of farms in the town because they couldn't go to the store because there was no stores to go to so they had to grow their own food. That's also why a lot of people died in Salem because of lack of food and the time it takes food to grow.

The aftermath

A few 100 years After The Salem Witch Trials they made a museum of all the trials. And surprisingly they still made Salem a place where people still live. Actually the population that Salem has now is actually way larger then the population then Salem had before. The houses were made out of finer wood like they were now
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