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Meet SLRN.fm!

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We are so excited to be a part of and supporting Spiritual Living Radio Network, launching in Fall 2013! SLRN.fm is an internet radio platform that will enhance your life with empowering talk and uplifting music, in alignment with positive spirituality and New Thought principles.

Here is how they say it: "Talk inspires us and music moves us. Creatively weaving these two together creates a dynamic and ever-evolving experience that can become the ongoing soundtrack for your conscious life."

From two minute "bursts of inspiration," to in depth interviews, and from comedy to outrageously good music, SLRN.fm is creating an online synergy of conscious programming to empower your life and raise consciousness on the planet. They have made it easy to listen to; once it has launched, you can simply dip into the 24 hour stream or you can listen to shows of your choice on demand, from any device.

We support SLRN.fm and we think you would like to support them, too! You can help make this network a reality by contributing to their Indiegogo campaign, where they are raising funds for a Fall launch. They are giving away some awesome perks, so check them out!

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Here are the ways you can get involved!

1) Donate: Donate whatever you can....even $10 counts! Visit their campaign at http://igg.me/at/slrnfm. Pick your perk and help make SLRN.fm a reality!

2) Talk about them and share them with your friends on social media: 140 characters can go a long way! Here are some samples for social media outreach and support of SLRN.fm on Twitter and Facebook.

For Twitter: Check out @slrnfm, an awesome project I am proud to fund and support! Throw a few bucks their way if you can! http://bit.ly/1dtAPtw

For Facebook/LinkedIn/Your Newsletter: Check out this amazing campaign that I am proud to fund and support! You can be a part of the first 24 hour live-streaming online radio station for conscious people like you, featuring 50% music and 50% talk from inspiring show hosts and positive musicians. It's coming in the Fall! To learn more, click here: http://igg.me/at/slrnfm.

3) Contact us! If you have any questions, you can contact our marketing firm here!

Thank you for getting involved and supporting SLRN.fm with us! We appreciate it!

SLRN-spiritual living radio

Music enriches the soul and moves us in so many ways. Check out our flashmob from Asilomar!