Cutler Council Meeting Minutes

Hello... It's Us

Hey everyone! Here are the minutes from last week's meeting. We are meeting this Thursday April 7th at 6 pm in the Tris basement. Everyone is welcome!

Week Twelve- Thursday, March 31

Presidential Notes-Ryan

Ryan would like to begin the process of making Cutler Council an officially recognized club on campus. This would give us even more opportunities to grow as a club.

We also discussed the idea of having a movie or book discussion within Cutler Council. If you have any ideas of titles, hit him up!

Leadership- Tracy

Tracy talked about the great opportunities that the CLDC offers regarding the 21st Century Leadership certificate. These certificates are a great way to learn about leadership in the modern world. We talked about the possibility of having student ambassadors host a session with interested Cutlers to get the necessary classes completed.

Tracy was also interested in incorporating StrenghtsQuest in some way with the Cutler Council. #achiever #yougogirl

Service- Lydia

Lydia talked about wanting to do around 3 to 4 service projects a semester. If you have any ideas, be sure to let her know!

Athens Beautification Day is coming up on April 17th. This is a great opportunity to help give back to the Athens community. Register at:

Join SAB by participating in Bare on the Bricks run on April 20th. All clothing collected from this event will be donated to various local non-profits. Learn more and register at:

Alumni- Emma

First off, congrats to Emma on being elected as the new VP of Alumni Engagement of SAB!

We talked about wanting to hold Skype sessions with alumni of the Cutler program and maybe even planning a trip in the future to hold a larger gathering.

Communications- Rachel

I am going to try to create a weekly newsletter to help relay all of the points that were discussed at the Cutler Council meetings and any notifications about upcoming events. If there is anything that you would like to see in these newsletter or have any suggestions, let me know! :)