By Chase E


Have you ever wanted to learn about basketball and its great players? Well, I sure would! Anyway, take a look at this flyer to find out about some of the greatest players in basketball history!

Wilt Chamberlin

Wilt Chamberlin was one of the greatest of the all time. In his 3 rd year he avereged 50.1 points a game. In that same year, he got 100 points in one single game.

Vince Carter

Vince Carter is pretty much a legend because of one thing he did. And that one thing he did was he jumped right over the top of someone who was six eight and dunked it.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the best NBA player of all time for a ton of reasons. One reason is when he was in a game he shot two free throws with his eyes closed. He acually drained them both.


Well for starters I know that the NBA and the NCAA are divided into conferences. And some of those conferences are big 10 big east. That was NCAA. Some NBA conferences are Western Eastern and Big 12.

Rules NBA vs. NCAA

Some of the rules are... In the NBA you have 8 seconds to get past half court. In the NCAA you have 10 seconds to get past half court before it is a violation. The NBA plays 12 minute quarters and the NCAA plays 20 min halves. They both have a shot clock but they are different times. For example, the NCAA s shot clock time is 35 seconds and the NBA s shot clock time is 24 seconds. There is also a difference in 3 pt(ers). The NBAs distance is 23'9 and 22 ft from the corners. And the NCAAs distance is 19'9.

Contests Fan Favorites

In the NBA, they have 2 contest in a year. One of them is the 3 pt (point) contest. What you do in the 3pt contest is you try to shoot as many 3 pointers as you can in 1 minute. Stephen Curry won the 3pt contest with 27 3s! That's a lot of points! Another one of the contests are the slam dunk contest. Michael Jordan won the slam dunk contest 2 times. What you do in the slam dunk contest is you try to do the best dunk so no one can top it.


Basketball has a lot of contests, great players, conferences, and rules and fouls. But in the end, basketball is just a sport where you have fun and play with your friends and family!