study guide

central idea, main idea, theme, figurative language all, tone, mood, point of view and plot. Runners, shot & jot, opinion vs fact. fiction vs non fiction, inferences, charts & graphs. index, atlas, globe, dictionary, thesaurus, glossary and encyclopedia.

central idea tells what the story is about

plot/story element is where and when the book takes place.

main idea is the main point

theme is the subject main idea game theme game

figurative language metaphor means a comparison without using like or as, simile a comparison using like or as, alliteration words withe the same letter at the beginning, assonance rhyming, imagery imagination,personification giving an animal a human like characteristic, hyperbole statement's not meant to be taken literally, idioms its raining cats and dogs, pun a joke and onomatopoeia sound effects e.g boom and pow

tone is the author's feelings about the book

point of view/literary device is first person is like someone's view in the book, second person is like you in the book and third person is like a narrator

mood is what the characters mood like angry, sad and happy

chats and graphs

Runner means R read the title U underline important words in the title N now read the question's N now read the passage E enclose important words

shot & jot means take notes

12 powerful words

opinion vs fact means find the opinion and fact's and compare them.

fiction vs non fiction means find the fiction parts of the book and the non fiction parts and compare them.

plot is the main event in a movie, characters the people in a show or movie, rising action a series of related incidents builds toward the point of greatest interest, climax the middle of the plot the most exciting part, falling action close to the ending, resolution a decision to do something or not to and conflict an argument.

inferences means a conclusion reached on the grounds of evidence and reasoning.

charts & graphs make a chart & graph about what you just read.

infographic is a chart used for information

index is tells about the words most of the time it is on the end of a book

atlas is a book about the globe

denotation the main meaning of a word and connotation a feeling about a main meaning of a word.

globe is a mini planet

dictionary a dictionary is a book that tells you what a word means.

memoir a historical story by the person who was there, biography a book about someone by some other person and autobiography a book about someone by that person.

thesaurus is a book that lists word's

glossary is