Open Connected Learning MOOC

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Co - conspirators you can ask for help any time

  1. Rhonda Jessen @rljessen
  2. Verena Roberts @vereranz
  3. Erin Luong @ehordyskiluong
  4. Susan Spellman Cann @sspellmancann
  5. Paul Signorelli @paulsignorelli
  6. Brendan Murphy @dendri
  7. Sean Grainger @graingered
  8. Alison Spear @alisonspear
  9. Christine Quong @christine_guong
  10. Derek Hatch @hatcherelli
  11. Jason Wiks @pncsproject
  12. Maureen Crawford @jmc3ualberta
  13. Paul Genge @paulgenge
  14. Kurtis Hewson @hewsonk27

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New to twitter or blogging

It can be very intimidating to start something new technologically if you have never done it before. I say JUMP RIGHT IN . Make mistakes and learn as you go. There are always people to help you if you get stuck. Below are a few tutorials to get you started. Look out you are about to embark on a journey that will be a lot of fun.


Edudemic on How to CreateaBlog.mp4
Creating a free Wordpress blog - tutorial for beginners
Blogs & Wikis for Teachers - Screencast on Blogger/Wordpress
Using Twitter effectively in education - with Alec Couros
twitter tutorialHD
twitter 102 for educators
One Tool at a Time: TWITTER