Texting the under world

By: Ellen Booraem

Book Review

Texting The Under World


One of the settings in Texting The Underworld was at Conors house at dinning room table. Also another setting was at Conors school.One was also in his room, the underworld and other places in the under world.

Main characters and Minior characters

The main character is Conor O'neill, some of the minor characters that are in this book are his sister Glennie, his friend Javier,also Grump who is his uncle.Andy is a minior chacter he like kinda a bully in the story. Conor is like lazy , he'll do anything to try and impress his father. Conor does change in the story how because he is braver than he was at the beginning how because he use to be afraid of spiders and really didn't stand up to his sister Glennie that much and now he's going to the underworld to save his family. I don't really know if I would want to be friends with conor because he's mean to his little sister.

Liked/Disliked Characters

I like Glennie because she teases and is irritating to her brother Conor.

I don't like Andy because he is really mean to Conor and he is like the bully in through

out this whole story.


At the beginning of the story conor only really afraid of spiders and his little sister, also at the beginning conors uncle tells about banshees in the past and conors father tells him not to believe it the it is foolish, but in the middle of the book conor meets a banshee named Ashling an Ashling is kind of starting to get attached to conor and she is starting want to go school with him and stuff like that, but not only that conor finds out that if a banshee appears that means some in your family is going to die! After Conor finds this out he realizes the only way for him to get rid of AShling he will have to travel to the underworld which is basically how he stops her in the end.

problem/learn/Theme/Liked or disliked story.

The problem was that conor had to get rid of Ashling,it was solved by conor going to the underworld, and conor did this to save his family. I think conor learned that sometimes old stories told are true. I believe the theme is sometimes you just have to brave. Liked it because I thought it was kind of mysterious.
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