The Respiratory System

By: Eva F, Cristina G, Avery S, and Sarah W

What is the Respiratory System?

It is a system in the body where oxygen is taken into the body and you release carbon dioxide. The organs in this system include the lungs, heart, veins, and artieries.


Nasal Passage- It's a passage through the nose and mouth that brings oxygen through.

Pharynx- A tube like passageway for food, liquid, and air.

Larynx- It's another name for voice box. It's where the vocal chords are to make you speak.

Trachea- It's the windpipe connected to the lungs that brings oxygen through the system.

Bronchi- The branches inside the lungs.

The main organs

Fun facts and activities

Fun fact:

Each day you breathe about 20,000 times!

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