Jordan T.

Ireland + Japan

(with Aidonn Fisher)

Getting There

We're gonna FLY!!!! and then roller skate everywhere else! The flight to Ireland is one day (with 2 stops) and costs about $1,200. The flight from Ireland to Japan is two days (with 2 stops) and costs about $2,700. All one United Airlines!!

Where to Stay

In Ireland, it's a CASTLE!!!! (Ashford Castle) For And in Japan, it's the number one rated hotel in the country...with a view!! (Imperial Hotel Osaka)

The Ashford Castle is a 5 star hotel in Cong, Ireland. To stay there for four nights (from May 10th to May 15th) it will cost $862 per person ($1,724 for the both of us) There are no decent attractions near the Ashford Castle, so we've agreed to drive (or roller skate!!) long distances to where ever we want to go.

The Imperial Hotel in Osaka, Japan is a 4 1/2 star hotel right next to a gigantic river and has a giant rubber ducky within a mile of it. For four nights, (May 16th to May 20th) it will cost $166 per person per night. ( $1328 for the whole deal) There's is plenty of restaurants and shops near it, so we will be entertained!

Culture and History

Ireland: The Book of Kells - The book of Kells is a beautiful manuscript with four Gospels written in Latin. It is known for it's incredible illustrations. it's said that roughly two pages out of the whole book have no ornaments or pictures!

Cliffs of Moher: They get their name from the Irish word "Mothar", meaning ruined fort, therefor giving them, their name. Their discovery dates back until around two thousand years ago.

Japan: Mount Fuji: It is a beautiful volcano that sits 62 miles west of Tokyo. It erupted for the first time in history on July 31, 781.

Golden Pavilion: Said to be the most popular tourist attraction in Japan, the Golden Pavilion was built in the late 14th century Shogun Ashikaga as a retirement home. Though it was burnt down in 1950 by a monk who was obsessed over it, it was rebuilt in 1955 as a perfect copy of the original.


Ireland: Panic! at the Disco concert on May 12th at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin

Go to the cliffs and scream

Play around in our CASTLE hotel :D

Avoid boredom

Have fun!!

Japan: Universal Studios Japan!!

Go see the Osaka Castle

Visit Tokyo

Visit all the big cities (or most would satisfy)

Play around in our other GIGANTIC, FANCY hotel :D

Have MORE fun!



Problems: communication, running into people while roller skating everywhere, freaking people out with my exaggerated joy

Solutions: learn a little Japanese (or wing it), try to dodge people, attempt to be normal


I think Ireland is one of the few places in this world that is still pretty with it's AMAZING castles and it's fairy tale feel. Japan is amazing with it's big cities, plus the natural beauty of their palaces and exotic gardens. These places are gorgeous and to have both of them in one trip is brilliant!

About the Traveler

I've never been out of the country and I rarely leave Colorado. All I want to do is leave because I never want to be where I already am. According to the Huffington Post article on the different types of travelers, I'm a "wild traveler", an "offbeat traveler", an "artsy traveler", a "curious traveler", and a "daydreaming traveler" all in one!