Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's ELC2 Superstars


This week:
  • Monday and Tuesday- Thank you to Miss Stone for being the relief teacher and thank you for all your kind thoughts. I am so grateful to be back with my wonderful class in such an outstanding school community.
  • Friday- As a part of our sustainability project, Elaine Lewis, the schools Cross Curriculum Priorities coach took us out to plant native trees in the school's bushland.

Next week: SCIENCE WEEK! (details explained below)

  • Monday - Friday- dependent on the weather we will be making a school wide ice house. Date TBA.
  • Tuesday- Doctor Dave will visit the year 1s to teach us about the world of science
  • Friday - Please bring in your home-made ice house to test in the afternoon.

Winter Wonders: Investigating ice houses

National Science Week will be next week, 18-22 August. At Coolbinia PS this will involve:

  • Students will build a large ice house as a school wide activity
  • Individual students will create small ice houses and test the insulation qualities of the materials used.
  • Guest speakers: Scientists – Chemist, Anthropologist and more…

We need your help to build a large ice house.

School Wide Ice House:

Students are requested to bring at least one ice brick to contribute to the big National Science Week ice house. Year 5 Waterwise students will build the ice house, with ice bricks brought by students from K-Year 7.

  • When: During National Science Week, 18-22 August. Students will be advised which day, depending on the weather, to bring their ice brick to school. Please have the ice brick ready to bring (in an esky) for the week beginning 18th August.
  • Dimensions of the brick: Standard 2 litre ice cream container (e.g. Peters)L 170cm W 170cm, H 95cm
  • Making the ice brick: Use ‘clean’ recycled water (e.g. from washing fruit or vegies) and freeze it in the 2 litre ice cream container. Students may add decorations before freezing e.g. leaves, flowers, food colouring.

Individual Student Ice House:

Challenge: At home, design an ice house that will hold and keep one ice cube from melting for a long time. Build a house that insulates your ice cube. Happy building!


  1. The house can be made of any type of material as long as it is safe.
  2. Leave an opening in your house so that an ice cube can be placed inside.
  3. The maximum size of the house is: L 20cm, W 20cm, H 20cm.
  4. Label your ice house with your name.
  5. You may choose to decorate your house.
  6. Bring your house to school on the day advised by your teacher and take it home after the investigation, at the end of that same day.


Please bring the ice house to school on Friday 22 August and in the afternoon we will test it and see how well insulated it is. I will give each child a standard size ice cube. You will place it in your house and see how long it takes for your ice cube to melt. We will investigate -What materials have the best insulation properties?

Through participating in this activity students will be engaging with:

  • Physical Chemistry: Investigating the physical behaviour of water in the presence of salt i.e. how dissolved salts change the freezing point of water. Learning about the insulation properties of different materials.
  • Sustainability: Waterwise behaviours related to recycling and valuing precious water resources.
  • Science Inquiry: Applying investigation skills.
  • General Capabilities: Developing personal and social capability, such as cooperative team skills and developing critical and creative thinking skills.

Doctor Dave's Visit:

Dave is a chemist who has worked in lots of different areas such as forensics and HAZMAT response. He is an extremely interesting man who has a wealth of knowledge and passion for science. Dave will demonstrate some cool experiments (using a range of chemicals) and also talk about his career in the field of science. He will also be joined by an expert in water testing a quality.

Any queries: Please email

Home Readers

For the home reading Mrs Sari and I have noticed that many books are being bought to school on Monday and Wednesday after being read only once or not at all. To encourage repeated reading to develop students reading fluency we will be leaving the readers in student's take home folders until they have completed 2 night of reading that book.

Coolbinia's Got Talent Change of Date

This is just to notify you that we have had to move the date of the talent show to Wednesday 17th September.

The format will remain the same and auditions are now underway!

Waterwise Song - Message from Mrs Smith

Dear Parents/Guardians

During this term your child is participating in the composition and performance of a waterwise song. The final composition will be recorded and entered into a competition run by the Water Corporation. Up to 8 winning schools will receive an exclusive recording session of their song with professional musician and Yamaha demonstrator Alf Demasi.

This is an exciting opportunity to be creative about an important theme and here’s hoping for success with our song!

Kind regards

Cathy Smith

Music Specialist