Teens and Video Games

A Growing Epidemic


Today the teens of today, us, are very often told that we spend way to much time time on our video games. they say we are "anti-social" and it may be the cause for bullying in schools today. they say we don't realize the difference between whats real and whats not.


Since us kids are supposedly lacking in our social lives we have a proposal. our video games aren't good enough for us anymore and we want more. we want to make it real. so we think we can split us all into territories and give us the equipment and weapons we need to play the game we want to play. the different territories define what game you'll be playing.


Since parents today don't care for what games their kids play, they will let them play actual real life video games. society just gave up on what we do these days. They will pay for it from tax payers money because it will be a form of entertainment they can watch. By funding and enforcing our plan the government will make a decent fund from our gaming! It's no big deal we are only going to each other. We are killing as teams though, so that's what really matters.


4 advantages we will get as well as our parents are these, we will make friends, we will be outside instead of inside, parents don't have to nag us about going outside and stop playing video games,and last we will learn very important survival skills. Of course there's many benefits here we have the ability to be social with new people, less money from parents are spent on us, don't need to watch over us since we are all staying in a certain place, when we die we will become fertilizer (that's only about 300 dead bodies) when we decompose, we will realize the importance of life, there will be less people to mess up the future and Obamacare won't be needed for the people in our program.


Well you heard it from the teen, now, lets get real here, what is practical is we need to raise prices on games so they aren't easy to obtain.*psh says you you idiot us kids have so many games we can just sell them all to get those new ones* Another idea is we have parental controls on their kids console that saves and powers off the kids game after the alloted time-set. *Psh parents are too lazy do to all that work and besides we could make another account on console to make changes to all that ourselves* there will be trillions of teens/kids dead in the matter of months!


So with this plan if it were enacted, parents would be seeing their kids dying in numerous amounts. some parents are crazy and be proud of their victorious, murdering son/daughter. For the parents that have a heart they will immediately stop what their kids are doing and keep a better eye on what their kids do in games. parents being knowledgeable in what they let their kids do is what really is the key to how much kids play video games.