project on russia


Country basics

My project is on Russia so lets get started. First my name of my country is Russia the capital of my country is Moscow story behind the flag is the because emperor Alexander the 2 and a dutch flag. My flag is below
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My continent of my country is Europe. Something else to a major land form Caucasus mountains and major bodies of water Lake Ladoga. It would affect if where not these plants water food trees oxygen and shelter.


My country Russia has a republic government and their leader is Vladimer Putin and how do they choose for their new leader is political elections and they for the roles are they can deteriorate


Russia is a rich country and what kind of money Russia ruble and their main exports is oil and petrolem and 99.7% of females are born in two years and 87.9% of males are born in two years birth rate is 11.87 and source is 70 % drinking water.


What do they wear they wear traditional costumes thatb is comman to wear major language is russian major holidays is janurey 1 -5 and 7 and march 8. Orthodoy and islam and christianity. last thing on this text food kasha kissil knish


almost everyday light snow shower average rain fall about 500mm average temperture 5.8 and 42.4 and the last one 7. Sometime very hard snow and rain and freezeing rain +SLEET


In 1917 two revolusion happend and sweep thought Russia imperical rulalso installed a new provision governmentand overthown.

Compare and contrast

Mosly animatoin and cinema the us does that too and still do them today. They both go in public places most of the time and woman dye their hair in both Russia and the us. Also there different the us is in western europe and russia is europe asia