Wind Electricty

HELP THE ENVIRONMENT: Use wind energy today.

Why you should choose wind energy

Wind energy makes a lot of electricity cheaply. One turbine creates enough electricity to power 500 homes. It is cheaper than having each household buy their own solar power panels. Your community of 1000 people will need only 2 turbines.

Wind energy is clear, renewable and doesn't produce greenhouse gases. It is a green power technology. It does not harm the environment. It doesn't crate air or water pollutions.

What are the parts

It is a very cheap way of getting electricity. The windmill never stops spinning. It has 3 propeller-like blades called rotors.

It gets to your home by a transformer, meter, power lines to your home

Other Facts

People first used wind energy 2000bc. by China and Persia. It was popular in the 80's and 90's. Wind farm are place in a flat area with lots of space. Wind speeds should be at least 23km per hour.they are 50m tall.

By Myia and Isabella