Discovering Design in CHS

The Elements of Design


TEKS 4 - The student proposes methods to create quality living environments. The student is expected to recognize and apply the elements of design in interior environments.

What are the Elements of Design?

The Elements of Design are considered the "PARTS" of design. Whether it be a chair, car, room, or article of clothing, all the elements of design are included in the creation of the design. The elements are:

  • LINE

Read the following presentation to give you introductory material about the Elements of Design


• Find interior illustrations in halls of CHS for each of the elements of design.

  1. Line - 4 examples: vertical, horizontal, diagonal, and curved
  2. Shape/Form - 1 example
  3. Space - 1 example
  4. Texture - 3 examples: smooth, shiny, rough
  5. Color - 1 example

• Take a digital photograph of the elements of design examples.

• Create a technology product showing your photographs.

• Give justification that you have learned from the information in the presentation for each of the illustrations.

• Make sure that both names are on the project face.

Submit in Schoology under the assignment.

DUE: Thursday, Sept. 10th, at the end of the period.