Crater Lake

Landform Project


The national park was founded May 22, 1902. 7,700 years ago a violent volcanic eruption caused a caldera (a crater made by the eruption of a volcano) and water and snow soon filled the crater. The name of the volcano is Mt. Mazama. It is fast asleep.



Scientist found out that at the bottom of the lake there are hydrothermal vents. The depth of the lake is 1,943ft. It is the deepest lake in America. It is also one of the clearest lakes in the world. It is known that Native Americans discovered this volcano more 7,700 years ago.
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Tourist Info

There are wonderful things to do at crater lake. But the best time to have fun is during the summer. There is mild weather which means swimming and hiking. Other things to do are: backpacking, camping, sightseeing and boating. If you want to go during the winter they might close due to snow and blizzards. Sometimes if it's open you can snowboard.
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