Skills Navigator

November 1, 2016 - BEST District

Skills Navigator

Skills Navigator progress monitors students and identifies who perform on, above, or below grade level. The testing time varies from five to fifteen minutes. The steps listed below are meant to compliment the training already conducted by Katie.

Getting Started: Login to NWEA, then click Skills Navigator.

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Steps 1-3

Step 1: Choose Class

Step 2: Choose Subject (Math or Reading)

Step 3: Click Create Assignments

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Step 4

Step 4: Click the Skills Locator Tab
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Steps 5-11

Step 5: Choose Instructional Area

  • Reading - Literature
  • Math - Number Sense

Step 6: Choose Strand

  • Reading - Creative Fiction
  • Math - Base Ten

Step 7: Choose RIT Score

Step 8: Choose 1 or 2

Step 9: Name Assignment (So Students Can Easily Find)

Step 10: Select a Due Date

Step 11: Click Assign Locator

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Finished, but need to see it in action? View the video below.

Daniel Watson, M. Ed.

ICATS School Support - BEST District

Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation

Evansville, IN