Lawyer Research Project

By: Elliott Lane

Positions within a law Firm

The positions that are most common within a law firm are Attorneys, your secratarys, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, Legal transcriptors, Billing managers, and other minor positions of these levels.

Interaction between Lawyers and the Clients

A lawyers interaction between his or her client and themselves is almost an intimate relationship due to how personal the lawyer must be with the client. The lawyer needs to understand the life and background of the client in order for the process to be done in fair and due time. Understanding the relationship between the client and the lawyer is difficult unless you have experienced yourself.

Speaker Information

Information that i learned from the speakers we have had was probably about that what they do isnt all based upon their firm it is heavily based upon the beliefs and influences that lawyer has in their lifes.

Specific Law Career Explored-Paralegals

Paralegals draft documents that are used in court room settings and also carry out research that is used in the court room to prove ones innocence or also the other way around and convict them of the crime they are being charged with.