Eliana Fontana


  • Zimbabwe has a semi presidential republic.

  • The capital of Zimbabwe is Harare.

  • Zimbabwe got independence from the UK on April 18th.

  • All citizens have the right to vote at age 18.

  • Executive president Robert Gabriel is the head of government.

  • The national symbol has an green shield with elk on either side standing on crops.

  • Zimbabwe was colonized in 1888 by Cecil John Rhodes


  • The GDP PPP is 2,100 it is 200th in the world.

  • The agriculture in Zimbabwe is Tobacco,Corn, Cotton, and wheat.

  • 77.7% of Zimbabwe is under poverty line.

  • The inflation rate is .17 and is ranked 41st.

  • They use the Euro in Zimbabwe.

  • I us dollar to an Euro is .87



  • My country is in Africa and is slightly larger than Montana.

  • Natural resources Coal, Chromium ore, Asbestos, and gold.

  • Cecil John Rhodes in 1888.

  • Tropical and rainy climate.

  • Three features are valleys, plateau, and tropics.

  • The black rhino has an hook lip and lives from 35-50 years

  • Wild dog aka painted dog and it's a hunting dog


  • African 99.4%, Other 0.4%, unspecified .21%

  • Languages Shona, Ndebele, English

  • Religions Protestant 75.9%, ROman catholic 8.4%

  • Total: 86,5%, Male 88.5%, Female 84.6%

  • Attitudes: Cheerful and courteous,

  • Appearance of wealth is very important.


  • Ethnic groups are african 99.4%, Other .4%, and unspecified .2%.

  • Top 3 languages Shona, Ndebele, and english

  • Top religions are Protestant 75.9% and Roman Catholic 8.4%

  • Literacy rate, Total: 86.5%, Male: 88.5%, Female: 84.6%

  • Attitude is friendly, cheerful, and courteous

  • Appearance is very important to them. And kids have school uniforms.

  • Greeted by a handshake and if you are related say the name of relation and then name.

  • They have an detached home with concrete walls and tiled roof and only the wealthy have electricity.

  • They believe in no natural deaths only deaths caused by another person.

  • They eat stiff porridge in every meal with a sauce made by leafy greens.

  • Men frequently go to beer halls or illegal backyard drinking.

  • Africa day is May 25th it is a celebration of african unity.

  • School is only 3 months and then one month break. After secondary school students must pass a national exam.

  • You need MMR, Diphtheria Tetanus pertussis, Chickenpox, Polio, Yearly flu shot