Safety Rules of Electricity

Keep safe around electricity!

Here are important safety tips to remember:

* Never play with electrical cords, wires, switches, or plugs.

* Stay away from fallen power lines.

* Never use a hairdryer or curling iron or play an electrical radio or TV near a bathtub or sink.

* Never touch anything that runs on electricity when your hands are wet.

* Before you climb a tree, look up. If a power line is nearby or touching, stay away from the tree.

* Fly kites and model airplanes in a wide open field or park- never near overhead electrical wires.

* Never climb electrical towers. Stay away from substations and transformers (green boxes).

* If you are swimming and you hear thunder or see lightning, leave the water immediately. If you hear or see lightning is nearby, crouch down in an area away from trees, metal objects and other people.

KEEP SAFE around Electricity!!!!!!!!!!