Hot and dry area Not a desert

Climate location

Usually it is found on the outer parts of arid climate areas.Semi-Arid climates are classified the amount of rail fall during the wet period, and dominant vegetation.Wet period is 3-4 months with high rainfall than evaporation. The vegetative cover is characterized by scrubs, shrubs and grass.
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Yearly precipitation

Annual rainfall is 10-20in. Which is enough to support grass.The rain is not enough to support a forest cover.There can be more rain, but it is usually only the 10-20in. Sometimes when there is less there is a drought with no rain for a long period of time.
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Seasons and Temperature Range

Seasons depend on the latitude.Most places experience summer and fall usually. Usually winter produces more rain than the other seasons.
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Factors Affecting Climate

The climate is affected by the climate of the arid weather.Since Semi-arid is on the outer edge of the arid climate it depends on that weather.The latitude also affects the weather climate.
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