The day I was born

Kindra Wintz

One even that happened the day I was born.

Charles Ruff, a musician, died November 19, 2000. He died from a heart attack in his house at age 61.

Top song of year 2000

"Breathe-Breathe" By Faith Hill, was a top song of the year 2000.

President of 2000

George W. Bush was president of the year 2000.

How many days I am.

I am 4547 days old today!

Day of the week I was born.

I was born on a Sunday. The nursery rhyme for Sunday is-

~But the child born on the Sabbath Day,
Is fair and wise and good in every way.~

Famous person with the same birthday!

Ann Curry was born November 19th, 1956.