Westward Expansion

Olivia Hinkle

Manifest Destiny Painting

The painting shows a angle guiding the Native Americans and settlers to the west. It relates to the expansion because they are growing western america.
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Texas Revolution

1.Settlers moved to Texas to grow the population because Texas wanted to become a state. 2.Volunteered Texan soldiers helped protect the Alamo. They were outnumbered by Mexican invaders commanded by Santa Anna but held strong for 13 days and all were killed.

3. General Sam Houston led the Texan army in surprised battle with Santa Anna and ended up defeating Santa Anna.

Mexican-American War

1.Mexico claimed the Nueces River while America claimed the Rio Grande River. Both America and Mexico meet at the Rio Grande River and Mexico opened fire.

2. Californian settlers rebelled against Mexico's government and made California a independent republic. The Bear Flag became the official state flag.

3. A treaty that added 525,000 miles to American territory.

4. A treaty that brought Mexico and present day Arizona to America.

Gold Rush Writing

1. In San Francisco there is a lot of moving around. People are trading all kinds of various goods such as cloth.

2. People are very anxious about getting there hands on gold. They are coming here for gold to become rich and start a new life.

3. Living in California is stressful. Myself and many other men are outside all day panning for gold. Food is scares and I am getting warn out quickly. Even though this is hard I feel honored to be able to be in San Francisco. I hope one day I can come back home.

Trails West Map

The California trail was the trail people used to access gold. The Oregon trail was for land and the Santa Fe trail was used for trade. Lastly, the Mormon trail was used for religion and land. All four of the trails were heading west.
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