Cold War

By: Nicholas molina, jack beasley, dagi mutuku

How the war started

The U.S. and USSR disagreed about how the border of east germany and west germany should look.The US thought that since the atom bomb ended WW2 then they should make another one, then the soviets decided to make one of their own thus beginning the "arms race".The US said that they would make a better atom bomb and make the explosion bigger called the "super bomb".The fact that both sides had nuclear weapons played a big role in starting the cold war.The cold war was basically both the US and the Soviets threatening each other with nuclear weapons.

One of the main things that started the cold war was the soviets trying to spread communism and the US did not want it to spread so they tried to prevent the spread.Soviet tried to convince countries to become communist and one of the countries was North korea, then they helped North korea attack south korea by giving them supplies,which helped start the korean war. They also convinced north vietnam to a become communist and had them attack south vietnam.

Cuban Missile Crisis

~Fidel Castro- born on August 13, 1926, in Birán, a small town in eastern Cuba

~ Was between 1959 to 1962

End of the cold war

The cold war lasted from 1947 to 1991,the soviet union got a new leader and he realized that their economy was falling.

In 1980s the u.s. increased diplomatic ,military,and economic pressure on the soviet union. The new Soviet President mikahal gorbache introduced the liberalizing reforms of organization and oppness.. Pressures for national independence grew stronger in eastern europe, especially poland.

They reached a breaking point when Gorbachev refused to use Soviet troops to support the faltering government of East Germany in late 1989. Within weeks all the satellite states broke free from Moscow in a peaceful revolution.Although there was some violence in romina.Then the pressure got into the soviet union and the communism fell and the ussr was formally gone in 1991.Gorbache was some of the reason that the ussr broke up.In 1989 the east and west germans tore down the berlin wall.In 1991 russia declread indepndence and gorbachev was a presdint withot a country.

Interesting facts

The term "cold war"had first shown up in a 1945 essay by the English writer George Orwell called "You and the Atomic Bomb."

The actor Kevin Costner (1955-) starred in a movie about the Cuban Missile Crisis titled "Thirteen Days." It was released in 2000, the movie's tagline was "You'll never believe how close we came."