Jacob's Rescue

A Holocaust Story


Jacob was living in a ghetto and his Aunt was concerned for his safety. She had brought him to a man named Alex who took Jacob who was a jewish child as his own. They had named him Genyek.


Alex was a polish man who has a wife and two children. He had taken in Jacob at the risk that if the Nazis found out him and his family would be killed. He lived in Warsaw, Poland.


Mela is Alex's wife who watched over the children while Alex worked. At first she didnt want to take in Jacob's brother Sholmon but then agreed to take him in. Then when She agreed to let David stay with them.


1.They took in Jacob as their own.

2.They continued to hide him after the nazis searched their house.

3.They had took David in (Jacob's brother) even though they didn't have much money.


This took place in Warsaw, Poland. This was during World War II. This was also during the Holocaust.

Main Characters


"May you never know the hunger I knew" This means Jacob hopes his daughter will not be as hungry as he was during the war.


It was an interesting book to me. At times it did become dull and boring. I only sugest it to people who like to read about history or non-fiction.