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August 2020 Welcome Back and Welcome New Raiders

Meet our Newest Raider Counselor

Our Taft Counseling Department is excited to welcome our new Head Counselor Mrs. McGowan!! The Raider family welcomes you!!

Head Counselor Celynsia McGowan

Taft Counseling Staff

Brigitte Rauschuber ( A- Davir

Tania Santacruz ( Davis- J. Hernandez

Jorge Garcia ( K. Hernandez- Mer

Roxanne Collins ( Mes- Ror

Verlyn Gonzales ( Ros-Z

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Services That We Provide


Taft High School follows a guidance and counseling program framework that is delivered through four components. These four components include responsive service, individual planning, guidance curriculum and system support.


The purpose of responsive services component is to intervene with or on behalf of those students whose personal circumstance, concerns, or problems that are threatening to interfere with or are interfering with their healthy personal, social, career and/or educational development. Responsive services at Taft High School include individual and group counseling sessions.

***In order to build a relationship and trust with students, what is discussed in individual counseling remains confidential.***

What information needs to be told to parents, other helping-professionals and/or school officials?


  • Harm to self
  • Harm to others
  • Pregnancy
  • Threats to school safety
  • Information requested by a valid subpoena (Court System)


The Guidance Curriculum component includes skill-based lessons and units designed to help all students in kindergarten through 12th grade develop competence in essential life skills.


The Individual planning component is where students are guided in planning, monitoring, and managing their own educational, career, personal and social development. Each student is provided with necessary steps toward his/her established goals.

Individual planning can be seen at Taft High School through senior conferences, junior conferences, and individual meetings with the counselor that focus on the student's personal education, career, and personal-social goals.


The System Support component describes management activities which assure the delivery of a high quality guidance program and services which indirectly benefit students by supporting other programs.

System support at Taft High School can be seen through parent meetings, consultation with teachers, participation in campus-based school goals, and counselor professional development.

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We Are Here For You

Although classes are continuing virtually, counselors are still available for students in BOTH distance learning and those attending on campus. Please feel free to call, email, or schedule a virtual meeting.

How to See Your Counselor

Students please click on the link below to meet virtually with your counselor for academic or personal reasons.

Class Changes? Follow the Flow Chart

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Career Center

The Taft High School Career Center is available to all students and can help with:

* Scholarships

* College Admission Requirements


* SAT/ACT Registration & Prep

* Volunteer/Community Service

* Military

For More Information Contact Elaine Torres

College Career & Military Advisor

Twitter: Taft_Career_Ctr

Students request a meeting

Virtual Classroom

Self Help Section

With so many changes and stressful events it is important to develop skills to protect ourselves and maintain balance in our lives. Check out the stress and anxiety tips below and virtual learner tips. :)

How To Deal With Stress and Anxiety

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Virtual Learner Tips

Find your Study Space-Well lit, peaceful & quiet

Stick to a Daily Routine- Set mealtimes, take breaks

Reduce Distractions- Video games, social media, tv

Communicate with Teachers-Communicate through email or phone calls when you need help with assignments

Get some Exercise- take exercise breaks, do something fun outside

Community Resources