Gonzalez Premier Express

Week of January 18, 2016


To become the PREMIER elementary school in Dallas ISD


Our 2A students will lead us during announcements this week. Please, make sure students are familiar with the script and report to the office by 7:58 a.m. I would like to start announcements no later than 8:05 a.m.
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  • As we looked at the ACP results and climate survey data, we know that we are heading in the right direction continuing to make a difference in the lives of our children and community.
  • There are many accomplishments to highlight; these are just a few:
  • We outscored the District in 31 out of 35 tests
  • Our academic achievement compared to the District improved in 25 tests (our own growth).
  • We had double digit growth in 5th grade Math, 2nd grade Spanish Reading, 3rd grade Spanish Language Arts, 4th grade Language Arts, 4th grade Spanish Language Arts, Kindergarten Reading, 4th grade Social Studies, 5th grade Social Studies, and 3rd grade Music.
  • Let's continue to stay focused and make sure our students understand in which areas they need to improve to ensure there are no gaps in their learning.


  • Ms. Del Toro for supporting in the chaperoning of our students during the Ballet Program. Our students had a great time!!!
  • Ms. Wilburn for working on the ACP bulletin board. This is an example of what an exemplary bulletin board looks like.


January 18-


January 19-

  • Arts Partners PLC - Blasingame
  • K-2 BL Cadre @ Burleson (K-2 Reading teachers, please select one of the reading trainings and let Ms. Edwards know which one you will attend)

January 20-

  • Weekly PLC - Virtual PLC (see e-mail sent by Ms. Edwards)
  • Grade Level Chair team collaboration feedback due - Cordoba
  • K-2 BL Cadre @ Cuellar (K-2 Reading teachers, please select one of the reading trainings and let Ms. Edwards know which one you will attend)

January 21-

  • K-2 BL Cadre @ Anderson (K-2 Reading teachers, please select one of the reading trainings and let Ms. Edwards know which one you will attend)
  • Texas Ballet Theater CityDance 3:15-4:15

January 22-

  • Saturday School Oracle request due

January 23-

  • Saturday School - 4th grade Math
  • STAAR Academies - (see below for more details)
  • Gonzalez Chess Tournament

STAAR Intervention Academies

Below is a screen shots for STAAR Intervention Academies for teachers provided by Region X and Dallas ISD. It will be held at Gilliam Collegiate Academy. You will benefit from continued support in looking at the various ways in which the state standards are assessed. Please take some time to sign-up as soon as possible and attend
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January 31st is the deadline for staff to acknowledge receipt of district policies

Employees who have not yet done so are reminded to log on to Oracle to review and acknowledge district policies. This is a reminder that all employees have a deadline to complete this requirement. Some employees may not be aware that they only partially completed the process. For full details and to download step-by-step instructions, go here. Should you have a question or need additional support, please see Ms. Meza

Marshall Memo - The Qualities of a Good Teacher

In this Chronicle of Higher Education article, A.C. Grayling (New College of the Humanities, London) says there are two ways that ineffective teachers can harm students: putting them off a subject and undermining their confidence and self-belief. “Good teachers do exactly the opposite of these things,” says Grayling, “and as a result inspire, guide, and give their students a broader sense of life’s possibilities… the desire to know more, understand more, achieve greater insight.” He lists several qualities that the best teachers possess:

  • Enthusiasm – Students often catch this in their classrooms.

  • Charisma – Teachers can be Pied Pipers for their subject.

  • A capacity to clarify and make sense – This quality illuminates any subject.

  • Humor – It lightens the hard work students need to do.

  • Kindness – A teacher’s power is enhanced when there’s a human connection.

  • A genuine interest in students’ progress – This involves constantly checking for understanding and responding accordingly.

    Good teachers have these qualities in varying proportions, and the net effect is that students begin to teach themselves. “And that, paradoxical as it may seem, is the best outcome of good teaching,” says Grayling. “Independence of endeavor, and soon therefore of mind, should be one of the fundamental aims of education.”

    Some novice teachers worry that if they show humor, kindness, and interest, they’ll come across as weak. But Grayling says there’s “no inconsistency in being both kind and firm, humorous although not prepared to tolerate messing about, and interested without being partial. It is a matter of operational tact and good timing.” “Good teachers are those who remember being a student,” he concludes. “They hear themselves as their students hear them. They know which aspects of their subject might present a difficulty, which require to be grasped before which, and what their best students will be keen to know, and why… Students’ questions and doubts compel one to think and rethink, often prompting one to see things that had not been noticed before. For this reason it is never boring to teach the same subject repeatedly.”

“What Makes a Good Teacher?” by A.C. Grayling in The Chronicle of Higher Education, December 11, 2015 (Vol. LXII, #15, p. B4-B5)

Welcome to Gonzalez!!!

If you have not had a chance to meet and greet these staff members, please take a moment to make them feel welcome and get to know them.
  • Ms. Rita Araujo - Title I TA. Joined us during the last week of December
  • Ms. Angelica Leal - Kindergarten teacher. Joined us during the first week of January