A Caribbean island nation

Welcome to the "land of wood and water"

Jamaica is really the place to be. With the crime rates going down every year Jamaica is really where you want to go. You would be able to see all the beautiful attractions that they have to offer. Prospects are gradually improving thanks to lower oil prices and prudent monetary policy, which has slowed inflation. Jamaica is a beautiful place to lay back and relax. Have fun with family and friends while you go on incredible adventures and the most beautiful sightseeing places.
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History of Jamaica

Jamaica was inhabited by the Arawak Indians in 1494, at that time Columbus was exploring, which he originally named St.lago. For the most part it was ran by the Spanish for about 250 years. Then the British took over. And over time it became into what it is today. The government is made of a cabinet, the leader is a prime minister. The prime minister is responsible for the parliament.

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Religious Background

When visiting Jamaica you can still practice your religion. Jamaica has a wide religious base including 62% Protestant, 21% Church of God, 9% Baptist, 3% Methodist. So while you are on vacation you can go visit one of the many churches that are in Jamaica and still study your religion and you can learn about how unique the difference between the churches are. Jamaica’s religious base even widens with 1.6% Jehovah's Witness, 4% Catholic, and 34.7% of other religions, including some spiritual cults. Churches can start taking trips to Jamaica and have a lot of fun while still learning about their religion.
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Activities to do while in Jamaica

More about Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful country, with a beautiful view. Although they do have some faults, such as high crime rate in some of the areas in the country. It has recently slowed down, in the last couple of years crime rate went down by 50%. Jamaica is culturally known for Marijuana but it doesn't mean it's legal there, it has become a synonymous part of the culture for the people that live their, for most foreigners they relate marijuana back to Jamaica. That does not mean there is not any beautiful attractions there to keep you busy and keep you happy for your stay.