Patterson Staff FYI

A Weekly Newsletter for Staff Members 04-25-2016

MONDAY 5-16 A Day

Shepherd's class walking to DQ and Holly Township Library 9ish

Camp Parent Meeting 6:00

Camp Chaperone Meeting 6:30

TUESDAY 5-17 B day

SAT Meeting 7:45

MStep- Fourth Grade Math Performance Task

2nd Grade trip to For-Mar Nature Center


MStep Fourth Grade Science Parts 1 & 2

First Grade to Detroit Zoo

Zac out-Admin PLC


Volunteer Breakfast 7:45

Lunch Provided by TEAM Patterson

FRIDAY 5-20 A Day

Character Assembly 3:00

Prep Time Coverage-Goldfish Swim School

9:00-9:30 5th grade and 4th grade (we may use commons)

9:30-10:00 1st grade and Preschool & Holly Kids (if you choose)

10:00-10:30 Y5 and K

10:30-11:00 2nd grade

11:00-11:30 3rd Grade

Deirdre and Lesley, please pick which group you think it's best to join.

Benefits Open Enrollment Deadline Approaching

Just a reminder to complete your enrollment paperwork by Monday, May 23rd. All employees must complete the application process, regardless if you are making any changes.

Yearbook Pictures Still Needed

I am putting out one final request for yearbook pictures. Many have shared what they had with me but I will take more until mid week. If you have staff pics or pictures of different events I will take them. Thanks

Library Closing

Next week will be our last week for checking out books in the Library. It is a double A week and so my goal is to get everything returned by Friday, May 20th and no later then the end of the month. If you don't have time to check in the books yourself, leave them in the book drop-off and we will check them in for you. Library inventory will begin on June 1st and that side of the IMC will be closed.

Thanks for you help,

Volunteers Needed to Help at McDonald's Patterson Night

Tuesday May 24th from 4-7 Holly McDonalds will donate 15% of all proceeds to Patterson's playground project. TEAM Patterson is looking for 3-4 staff members to volunteer their time to help out. Let the office know if you are interested.



Mary Dolloff 5-2

Erika Stevens 5-6

Peggy Kraemer 5-17

Weekly Pledge Schedule

May 16- Shepherd/Dannecker

May 23- Teffer

May 31- Raymoure

June 6- McDowell


K-The Pigeon had 8 hot dogs in his basket. He ate 2. How many are left?

1-1 Mr. Silvey has 9 straws. He uses 4 straws to make a shape. How many

straws does he have left? Draw some of the shapes you can make with

the straws and label them.

2-Joe bakes two pans of brownies. In the first pan, he cuts 2 rows of 8. In

the second pan he cuts 4 rows of 4. Draw a picture of the brownie pans.

Write a repeated addition sentence to show the total number of brownies

in each pan.

3-Third grade: complete the graph given to you.

4-Mallory’s muffin shop made $1,432 on Saturday morning. That was

three times more than she made Friday morning. How much did Mallory

make on Friday morning?

5- Doogie McDougal is whipping up 72 different snacks for his 12th annual

Blooper Bowl bash. He invited 138 guests- but only 1/6 are coming. That

doesn’t bother Doogie. He still makes 100 bowls of nacho dip. He makes

twice as many bowls of chili. How many guests are coming to the party?


Kindergarten and Young Fives

Marion-William Hollenbeck

O’Neil-Brayden Carr


King-Abaigail Landosky

First Grade

O’Brien-Brianna Taylor

Silvey-Dakotah Treece

Widdis-Landon Misenar

Second Grade

Crowder-Elijah Drumm

Miller-Lillian Ary

Dannecker-Ian Dyer

Third Grade

Day-Landon Bussiere

Dolloff-Benton Hart

Graham-Hannah Wiering

Shepherd-Kristin Murphy

Fourth Grade

Hutchins-Airis Schreib

McDowell-Alex Coughlin

Fifth Grade



Building Calendar

5/5 Michigan Wax Museum (3rd and 4th Grade)

5/12 TEAM Patterson Meeting 4:00

5/17 Second Grade to For-Mar Nature Center

5/18 First Grade to Detroit Zoo

5/19 Volunteer Breakfast 7:45

5/20 Character Assembly

5/22 Tigers Game 1:08 PM

5/24 Mobile Dentist here

5/24 Family Night at Holly McDonalds

5/16 Reproductive Health (5th Grade)

5/27 No School

5/30 No School-Memorial Day

5/31 Fourth Grade to Lansing

6/1 Kindergarten to Longway Planetarium

6/1 Third Grade to Greenfield Village

6/2 Last Day for Preschool

6/2 Bridal Shower for Jen Brancheau (4:00 IMC)

6/3 Field Day-All Grades

6/4 Color Fun Run TBD

6/6 - 6/8 Fifth Grade to Camp

6/9 TEAM Patterson Meeting 6PM

6/14 Last Day-Noon Dismissal

Fifth Grade Farewell

Character Assemblies Dates

April 15th

May 20th

Each date is an A day and will be held at 3:00

Certificates will be in the copy room prior to the date. Teachers will fill them out and put them in Sara or Stephanie's mailbox.

Still Time to Donate to the Playground

Knowing what a generous staff we are, I wanted to remind everyone that there is still time to donate to the playground. It has been brought to my attention that approximately 14.7% of our staff has made a donation. (10 out of 68 staff members). All of our situations are different. If your are able to donate and maybe just didn't get around to it there is still time.