The Trapp Family Singers

Story By:Joan McElroy

In the beginning Georg von Trapp married Agathe Whitehead.They had seven children.They taught their kids to love music and singing. Agathe dies of scarlet fever in 1922.George then hires Maria in 1926. They get married in 1927.Then in 1929 The Great Depression began.

After The Great Depression they win first place at the Salzburg Music Festival.But,then by 1938 the Nazis control Austria and they go to New York,but a year later World War II started and they went back to the USA.Then,more mourning appears,in 1947 Georg died but Maria was left to take care of the children,all ten.The movie The Sound of Music was released in 1965.There was a few discrepancies to the movie and real life.Then in 1987 Maria dies and all the older kids must have had to take care of each other or where grown up.

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