weird animals 101

by freddy espinoza

just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean its not real

the ice fish

the ice fish is up in Antarctica its a special evolved animal which its blood cells or veins contain a anti-freeze for the animals blood temperature not to lower there blood does not need air it has a wide verity of small blade like teeth to get other animals we are still researching more about this amazing animal as we only know so much AS of now until we break yet again another animal mystery.


this animal of the deep that roomed the oceans for when even the dinosaurs were still on earth weighing in of most more than two adult elephants this beast is 15 tons of meat and teeth the megalodon some people say we may have not noticed that we have a live ancient animal in the ocean with its teeth at most 15 feet we have only discovered 5% of the ocean its self this beast may still ponder the deep to rise as king of the sea once more

the animals |


OK the most two similar animal are lions and tigers now there's a new breed ligers when a male lion and a female tiger come to mate they are about a thousand pounds and eat up to 50 pounds of meat they are abused animals that are known as ''freaks'' because most of the mothers do not survive birth