Mac Barnett

Coming to Prairie Trail soon!

Mac Barnett, coming to Prairie Trail!

In April, an award winning author will come to Prairie Trail This author is none other than Mac Barnett. He has so many books, including Sam and Dave dig a Hole, The Case of the case of the Mistaken Identity, and others in that series, The Terrible Two, and Mustache. There are so many more out there! His books have also gotten awards. For example, Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, has gotten an award recently. So has another book, Extra Yarn. Check out some of the books below!

About Mac Barnett

Mac Barnett, as I said, is an award winning author, and he writes a lot of humorous books, for people's delights. He is now saying that he wrote a new book, called the Skunk. I think that it might be another wonderful book, and he will be having that book out on his blog for all to see! He will be able to come to schools, thought it might take a while for him to come. I suggest that you learn more about him and his books!

Telephone, another book by Mac Barnett

Telephone By Mac Barnett Illustrated by Jen Corace