Krisak's Kindergarten

weekly newsletter

January 16, 2015

Hello Kindergarten Families! We had a very nice week together in K-K! We loved being back in school all week with each day filled with lots of learning! Please ask your child to tell you all that they learned about Dr. Martin Luther King and Benjamin Franklin! Ask them to tell you about Ben Franklin's inventions! You could also ask your child to sing The Dr. Martin Luther King song! Telling you what was learned is a wonderful way for them to build language, share the excitement with you and to reinforce all that was learned.

We spent time with Mrs. Umbach this week during our monthly guidance lesson. This lesson was about RESPECT. We learned about the meaning of the word respect, "The Golden Rule" and we read a story called Have You Filled A Bucket Today? We will refer to this often in class. It is a beautiful story about how to treat others, to fill their "bucket."

Mrs. Cimorelli and Mr. Yates have been teaching the children how to jump rope and Mr. Rigby taught the children songs about Dr. King.

Next week, we will take a break from our Book Club assignment but please continue the awesome reading! We are immersed in Readers Workshop now and we are developing nicely. Ask them about "FLIP/ FLOP" and you will hear lots of great stuff about our reading time. Finally, you reading with your child each night is always part of your child's success! Please continue to read each night at home. It is very exciting to see the changes and growth!

Have a great weekend everyone!