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Week of October 8 - October 12

Growing into our Greatness...Not a Moment to Waste!

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Congratulations to our September Excellence Award Recipients!

I-Ready Updates!

IReady Ownership: Build your iReady momentum with your lessons passed chart. You can celebrate scholar hard work through celebration. Don’t forget to utilize the data chat documents that Mr. McBride handed out in instructional strategy next week. When scholars know what skills they are working on, they are empowered to take ownership of their learning.

Our top three classroom users in math last week were:

  • Lorenz
  • Thompson
  • Holiday

Our top three classrooms users in reading last week were:

  • Stoecker
  • Leonard
  • Wilson

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This Week at GLA...

Magnificent Monday

Attire: School Spirit Attire (Any GLA Button-down and solid pants/skirts)

  • Annotated LPs Due to Instructional Coach 8a
  • Nurse Screenings Begin
  • Family Style Dining
  • Monday Movement Staff Workout w/ Coach Copeland 4:15-5:00p

Terrific Tuesday

Attire: Professional Dress

  • Instructional Strategy Meetings (Content Area: ELA)
  • High, medium, and low work samples to instructional coach by EOD

Cultural Wednesday

Attire: Cultural Attire encouraged

  • 1p Dismissal
  • Professional Development 1:45 - 4:45p

Thrilling Thursday

Attire: Professional Dress

  • Family-Style Dining
  • Coffee with the CEO 10a

Fantastic Friday

Attire: Fitness Friday T-Shirts and Jeans

  • Fitness Friday
  • Family-Style Dining
  • Legendary and Collegiate LiveSchool Socials

Announcement from Nurse Fuller!

Screenings will begin Monday Oct, 8th. with 6th graders. Screenings will
take place Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 10:30 am-11:30
am. The health office is to be closed for documentation on Wednesdays as
well during the 10:30am-11:30 am block.

Teaching and Learning Corner

This Week's Look Fors:

Instructional Look For:

Instructional: Focus Board & iReady Lessons Chart: Ensure your Focus Board is updated daily with your learning objectives (written in the form of “I can” statements), standards, schedule (K-5), agenda (6-8), and IRLA (K-5) information (step count, stamina tracker and conference schedule).

Culture Look For:

Culture: Non-Verbal Scholar Correction: Remember to use tools of proximity, eye contact, hand signals, and white board as options for non-verbal scholar corrections.

Looking Ahead: Professional Development

Wednesday, Oct. 10th: Individualized Paths

  • Weekly Data Meeting

  • Foundations of Teaching & Learning (Yr 1 & 2)/PLCs (Veterans)

  • Academy Meetings

Wednesday, Oct. 17th: Planning & MTSS

  • Weekly Data Meeting

  • Addressing Classroom Bullying

  • Behavior & Academic MTSS

Wednesday, Oct. 24th: School-Wide Initiatives

  • 3-8th : Restorative with Marieke

  • K-2: SEL & Management

  • Intervention Team: MTSS, Documentation, and Growth Monitoring

Wednesday, Oct. 31 (All Day)

  • Team Building through Circles

  • Choice Sessions

  • Weekly Data Meeting

  • PLC/Foundations of Teaching & Learning

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Anti-bullying Month Initiatives

  • Scavenger Hunt and Coloring pages (K-2) --Friday, October 12th
    • Allow scholars to choose one of the three coloring sheets
    • Make a scavenger hunt challenge using, Kindness scavenger paper (Click below to access the coloring pages and the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt is page 20 of the Kindness activities. In the packet though is also a scavenger hunt for home if you want to include that in your hw this week)
    • Friendship Chain Link (3rd grade) Friday, October 12th
    • Letter Exchange with Southwest (4th grade) Friday, October 12th
  • Poster Contest (5th grade) ----Winners featured in Parent Communication and morning announcement--FRIDAY, October 12th
    • Related to Anti-bullying
    • Include theme: Stomp Out Bullying (depiction of what that looks like)
    • Positive Message (Inclusivity, Respect for Diversity, etc.)
  • Song/Video Challenge (6-8th grade) --Wednesday, October 17th
    • Mean for What.... (play on Drake's Nice for What)
    • Lyrics to the beat of the song
    • A Positive message that talks about anti-bullying
      • Winning class will also be featured in parent communicator, announced at morning announcements and video will be shown at Jewel of the Month


This week, as the kickoff to Anti-bullying month, GLA will celebrate, "Start with Hello Week" as a way to create a culture of inclusion that values each individual at our school. This program enables scholars to make a difference with their peers in a simple, fun, and impactful way by encouraging them to take small but powerful actions to promote connectedness and inclusion, and to identify and help others who are showing signs of social isolation.

Social isolation is the overwhelming feeling of being left out, lonely or treated like you are invisible. Young people who feel this way may pull away from society, struggle with learning and social development, or choose to hurt themselves or others.

By participating in Start With Hello Week, you are helping to bring attention to the growing epidemic of social isolation and empowering young people in our school to create a culture of inclusion and connectedness.

Teachers, please use the resources below to incorporate discussions around inclusion in this week's morning meetings and restorative circles.


  • It is imperative that all staff adhere to the policy regarding calling out. If you are calling out on a particular day, you MUST do so prior to 6am. All team members are expected to text Principal Tyler (215-370-4610) and also your Academy Leader or Department Head. If you have a scheduled personal day, please notify the same individuals the night before. The same thing applies if you are running late, text Tyler and your Academy Leader. If you are a member of the morning admissions team, please also text Mrs. Douglas. Thank you!
  • NHS is still looking for faculty advisors, if you are interested see Ms. Leggett.
  • All afterschool proposals should have been submitted by Friday. We are extending the date until Tuesday, end of day. Please note that no afterschool clubs, sports can take place on Wednesday afternoons so as not to interfere with Professional Development.
  • Staff members are ONLY permitted to wear denim on Fitness Fridays.
  • All gradebooks must be updated by next Monday, October 15th. Interim Reports are being sent home next Wednesday.
  • All staff members are expected to make three parent contacts per month. You must use remind me or a similar app to keep in communication with parents. Academy Leaders will be checking logs at the end of the month.


Last week we hosted week four of our "Monday Movement" Staff fitness classes led by Coach Copeland. Kudos to Ms. Wolff, Ms. Jordan, Ms. Robinson, Ms. Martinez, Mrs. Aviles, Ms. Conyon, Ms. Marazas, Ms. Randels, and Mrs. Forrest for attending.

Bring your workout gear, sneakers, and a water bottle. Join us tomorrow!

Location: GLA Gymnasium

When: Mondays

Time: 4:15p - 5:00p


October Jewel of the Month: RESPECT

Growth Mindset

Our October Growth Mindset Mantra is "My Brain is like a Muscle that Grows". Along with the Jewel of the Month (Respect), the monthly growth mantra should be posted in all classrooms and referred to. Other growth mindset reminders:

  • Have you and your scholars selected your growth mindset song/affirmation?
  • Are you incorporating one growth-mindset lesson per week into your Restorative time?
  • Have you carved out time to read the October chapter of "The Growth Mindset Coach"?
  • Have you sent home any Growth notes to parents?

OCTOBER CHALLENGE: All classrooms are being asked to create a short video featuring your scholars that highlights one of the following areas:

  1. October Mantra: "My Brain is like a Muscle that Grows"
  2. October Jewel: Respect
  3. Anti-bullying
  4. Drug Awareness (Red Ribbon Week)

All videos must be submitted to Principal Tyler by October 24th, end of day!

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Happy Birthday to the following Staff Members who are Celebrating Birthdays this week!

Ms. Thompson 10/8

Kudos Corner

  • Kudos to Ms. Conyon for her flexibility, resiliency, patience and nurturing spirit. You welcome new challenges with an open mind, giving scholars a fresh start regardless of the circumstance. You are a trooper and a very valued team member here at GLA.

  • Kudos to Coach Copeland for leading an awesome FItness Friday last week and for getting teachers and staff involved. We are still sore from the squat challenge!

  • A special thank you goes out to all of the Rising Stars Instructional Assistants for your hard work, dedication and support to our teachers and scholars. Your worth and service has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for being amazing partners

  • Kudos to Ms. McLaughlin for all her mentorship with the new teachers.

  • Kudos to Ms. Riley for ALWAYS turning in her paperwork early or on time.

  • Kudos to Ms Thompson for proficient academic ownership practices during open discussions for ELA

  • Kudos to all legendary instructional staff who observed or has been observed by their peers for best practices .

  • Kudos to Ms. Marazas for creating and implementing solving strategies for both math and ELA

  • Kudos to Ms. Robinson for flexibility and support within the Collegiate Academy and with a smile.

  • Kudos to Cultural Arts Team for a lesson plan implementation and strong start methods at the start of a new grade cycle!

Congratulations to Mrs. Blanding Choice who was honored this weekend with a Black Excellence Award. Keep Making Your Mark on the World!

Congratulations to Ms. Griffin whose beautiful baby girl has arrived! Meet Raigyn who was born 7 lbs and 14 ounces on Thursday, October 4th. Mom and baby are home resting and doing well!

October Calendar

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Looking Ahead!

October Board Meeting: All staff are expected to attend at least one board meeting per year. We are cordially inviting all staff to attend our October Board meeting at West. We look forward to introducing you to the board. Dinner will be served.