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Here is What's Happening in Third Grade!

Ms. Gratton's Class

This week we are continuing the new homework routine. Students will be given Spelling homework to do at school and daily work each night. Students should also be doing a reading log each night. The reading log is inside the student's agenda. Please be checking your child's agenda each night to see what homework they have. They should be filling it out each morning.

Language Arts: We will continue to learn about Adjectives and will be going over Spelling rules. There is a test over adjectives and adverbs this Friday.

Reading: This week we will be continuing And Then What Happened Paul Revere? by Jean Fritz. Please make sure your child has the book.

We will have a quiz over comprehension and vocabulary on Friday.

Math: We are starting a new section for Math. Students will be learning the way to find perimeter and area.

Social Studies: Students have started the government unit. Students will be learning about the basics of government. Students should have matching cards that help them to learn vocabulary for the unit.

Thank you,

Ms. Gratton

November 10th-14th Spelling Words

Review Week

1. Airplane

2. Enjoy

3. Upstairs

4. Moist

5. Something

6. Clown

7. Itch

8. Loud

9. Chef

10. Sprint

11. Wheat

12. Street

13. Chance

14. Scratch

15. Push

Ms. Morgan's Class

ELA: We will study capitalization, abbreviations, and adding commas to groups of words in a series. Students will test over their spelling and vocabulary words on ​Friday, November 14.

Reading: We will be reading chapters 7-9 of George Washington's Socks. Students will quiz over these chapters on Friday, November 14.

Math: Next week we will study and review equivalent fractions. Students will test over equivalent fractions on Thursday, November 13.

Social Studies: Next week we will study the three branches of government. Students will quiz over the three branches of government on Friday, November 14.

Ms. Tavormina's Class

Tavormina Week 14 SMORE Newsletter Information

ELA: This week we will continue our study of Adverbs and Adjectives.

· Adverbs Quiz on Tuesday 11/11

· Adjectives and Adverbs Unit Test Friday, 11/14


Test Review Guide will be sent home on Monday

Reading: We will continue our novel study of And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? By Jean Fritz this week.

· Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Quiz Friday 11/14 over the first half of the novel (through page 20). Please continue to remind your child to bring their novel and reading comprehension questions to class every day.

· Don’t forget that students should read for at least 20 minutes each night and should log it in their reading log.

Math: We will begin our new unit: Patterns in Addition and Multiplication and we will continue learning our Multiplication facts of 6,7,8,9 this week. Please practice these multiplication facts with your child at home each night.

· Quiz Friday: word problems, area, and perimeter

Social Studies: Students will be introduced to the basics of Government this week.

· Students were introduced to the Government vocabulary on Thursday and should be studying their vocabulary at home.

Health: This week we will learn about being healthy emotionally!

Classroom Reminders!

· Please remind your child to read books on their appropriate AR level and to take AR quizzes each morning! This is a great reading incentive for our students and I would love our class to have the most AR quizzes taken for 3rd grade!

· Be on the lookout for more information regarding Raz Kids this week! This is an excellent resource that all students should be utilizing at home to improve their reading comprehension!

Ms. Roland's Class

ELA: We will continue with learning about sentences. If your child needs extra practice there are some uploaded to the portal under classroom resources. Our sentences test will be on the 20th of November. We will have our weekly spelling test on Friday.

Reading: We will work on chapters 7,8, and 9 in George Washington's Socks. Please have students read chapter 7 over the weekend. All correct answer power points are on the portal. We will have a quiz on 7-9 on Friday with our vocabulary test. Make sure your child has started working on their reading project which is due November 21st.

Math: We will continue equivalent fractions and have our test on Thursday. Extra practice sheets are on the portal. The math mini project is due on Friday.

Social Studies: This week we will begin a unit on the branches of government.

This Friday we will have international night at 6pm. Please send anything you might have to represent our country of China.