They are hacking your mind!

Don't use new software! You've been warned

Save Yourself.

It is true, the new technology; specifically the helmets that use your brain for functions on a computer. If you use these, there is a chance your brain will be hacked and you'll lose conciseness. Emotiv Systems model of these, have cables all over the place and could be a hazard that could electrify you. Although they can be used for many things, it is advised to stay away from them.


Dont believe what they tell you, these be killing machines. Even if you don't get hacked it is dangerous and if someone wanted they could kill you by thoughts. These are very dangerous and you should never trust them. New technology can be revolutionary or, it can be deadly and this product is not a safe item to use. They can be useful however, not only can they be used to find a job in a evermore growing world, they can be used to connect with others, great with gaming, and more. They are a invention that could factor many subjects and important things in the world but it could brainwash us all aswell.

May be useful, or lead to destruction.

What this could cause:

Although it could be more important and useful then when electricity was found, it is controlling your mind and if somone hacks your mind, they kill you! If you stay away from these however you should not have any harm to you.If you havent stuck one of these death machines on your head, you cant be hacked, therefore you will be safe.