My 2014-2015 Year!

The year I gained 7th Grade Knowledge

My 7th Grade Experience

Transitioning from sixth to seventh grade was a bit of struggle due to the change in schedule, homerooms, and classmates. At the very beginning of the year, I still couldn't find my classes four weeks into school which was a problem. Along the way, I created new friendships, lost some, succeeded ,and did not succeed academically.This year has been painfully slow, but at the same time it feels as though it was just yesterday that was the first day of school. With the last few days of school approaching, I will really treasure these times that I have even the bad ones because once the moments are gone, you can't go back to them. Many changes have happened this year such as the acceptance of grades, change of friendships, and and the knowledge of knowing what my strengths are.

3 Changes This Year

The three changes that I have experienced this year are acceptance of grades, change of friendships, and the knowledge of knowing my strengths. For my first change, acceptance of grades, at the beginning of the year I never thought that getting a C was a positive, but now when I get a C, I am SO GRATEFUL!!!! (especially in math) My second change is change of friendships. When I first came into 7th Grade, I thought that I would only stick with my 6th grade core group of friends, but because we all didn't have the same classes, we sort of drifted apart. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to have made many more friends. My third change is knowing my strengths. My strengths surround my interests. The only way that I can be focused academically is if I turn everything Disney related. No matter what, Disney always makes learning for me fun and makes the learning of something faster.

Conclusion Paragraph


As much as I didn't like 7th grade, these changes have affected my life in a positive manner. All has changed my aspect and viewpoint of life. I have learned to accept my grades, friendships, and strengths. If I could I would go back to last year and freeze time so that we'd still be living, but nothing got older because once being a kid is gone, you can't come back so whenever I get the chance I will live life to the fullest. Something that I am stoked about is nothing because I don't want to get older and I don't want to grow up. Being a kid is apart of who I am and I don't want anything to change that. Sadly, I must get over this and accept that growing up is apart of life and just to appreciate what we have now. Thank you so much for this opportunity of being part of this 7th grade experience. I will miss this, and I am not looking forward to 8th grade. See ya later!

Good luck and all the best,

Jenna Alvarez (tigger)