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By Anthony Kelchen

Andrew Luck: Road to Greatness?

How would you feel if you had to replace Peyton Manning your first season in theNFL. This is what Andrew Luck had to do. Now let’s get to the basics.Andrew Luck was born on September 12, 1989 in Washington D.C. Although hewas born in Washington D.C., he grew up in Texas. He was raised in Texas by hisparents Oliver and Kathy Wilson Luck. His dad, Oliver Luck, went to college atWest Virginia. He also played Quarterback for the Houston Oilers for five seasons.

Andrew plays for the Indianapolis Colts. They picked him up in the 2012draft with the first overall pick. Andrew was given the number twelve jersey tobuild his legacy. He is six feet and four inches tall and 240 pounds. As of the datethat this paper was written, Andrew has played for four seasons. In his fourseasons, he has led his team to three AFC title games. It is estimated that AndrewLuck will make $16.15 million in 2016.

Going back to before Andrew was in the NFL, he was the valedictorian ofhis graduating class of 2008. After graduating high school, he went to StanfordUniversity for a bachelor’s degree in architectural design. Out of the thirty-eightgames he played at Stanford, he started every single one of them. He has the bestwinning percent in Stanford history at 81.5%. He was a Heisman trophy finalist in2010 and 2011, but didn’t receive the trophy in both cases. Fellow IndianapolisColt Coby Fleener said, “I’m constantly in awe of how well he handles situations.”

The Brickyard

Do you know what NFL stadium hosted Super Bowl XLVI? It was the stadium known as the Brickyard, which is a nickname for Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis Colts. Anyways, the stadium was construction started on August 16, 2008. The construction cost of the stadium was $720 million. The owners, who are the Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority, allow football, basketball, and monster truck rallies to happen in the stadium. For all of these events, the seat capacity is around 63,000 seats. To be able to sit in one of these seats for football in 2008 averaged about $81.13.

The city of Indianapolis’s population base is 1,500,000. Lucas Oil Stadium replaced the RCA Dome as the stadium for Indianapolis’s NFL team. The site of which the stadium was built at 46225 500 S Capitol Avenue is 1,800,000 square feet. The field is made of synthetic turf called Field Turf. Donald L. Elbert, James M. Faria and Robert T. Wright all co-invented Field Turf. The New York Giants and the New England Patriots played on this Field Turf in Super Bowl XLVI.

The stadium is eighty-two meters tall, which is taller than some skyscrapers in New Orleans. On the top of the eighty-two meter tall stadium is a retractable roof. The retractable roof is the only retractable roof in the NFL that opens and closes from sidelines to sidelines, rather than endzone to endzone. In addition to a retractable roof, Lucas Oil stadium is the only stadium in the NFL with a moving window. Now back to the stadium’s nickname. It might be called “The Brickyard” because the exterior of the stadium is almost entirely made out of bricks.

Colts regular season week 2 at Indianapolis

Sunday, Sep. 13th, 8:30pm

500 South Capitol Avenue

Indianapolis, IN

Home game versus the New York Jets.

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$150 deposit; later payments will be needed. Deposit is non-refundable and making the deposit will not guarantee a club seat.
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