The "Carry It"

~~Molly Wagner~~

Seen on Shark Tank!

Kids seem cool when they only use one strap on their backpacks, so how cool would YOU look when using no straps?! You would not just look cool, but you would be gaining strength by carrying your books! "Carry It" can be used on your back, shoulder, or arm!

For only of $10.99! AND with a variety of colors and designs!

"I got offered my dream job in a different state and took the offer, we had to move cross country and my kids had a hard time fitting in and leaving their old friends. I bought my 11 year old twins and they fit in SO well after only 1 day of having them! Katie S Manhattan, NY

"AMAZING! My son did not just got a bunch of new friends by using the Carry It, but he gained strength by carrying around his books!" Brad K, Houston, TX