Dork Diaries - Party Time

Kamiel Cousin


In Dork Diaries it mostly took place in a middle school. Setting Is describe where an when the story takes. It helps build background and create images in the mind.

Pg. 1

" I can't believe this is happening to me ! I'm in the girl's bathroom FREAKING OUT!! There's no way I'm going to survive in middle school."

I chose these quotes because it explains the setting and where most of the story takes place.


There is a main conflict that's been going on for years between Mackenzie and Nikki. Conflict is the problem which triggers action. Also it's the struggle between two opposing forces.

Pg. 1

" BTW the most popular girl at Westchester County Day Middle School and total SNOB Calling her a "mean girl" is an understatement. She's a KILLER SHARK-''

I chose this quote because it shows how much Nikki does not like Mackenize because throughout the story Mackenize is rude to Nikki.


In the book Dork Diaries there are two main characters Nikki and Mackenzie. I would say Nikki is the protagonist and Mackenize is the antagonist. The protagonist is the main character always involved in some kind of conflict, also he/she will always be struggling against something. The antagonist is the force working against the protagonist.

Pg. 3,14

" OMG Nikki!! Could you go write in that diary somewhere else?! Your hideous green shirt is clashing with my new lip gloss flavor, and it's giving me a MIGRAINE!" " sorry Mackenize But I'm REALLY busy right now. Can I ignore you some other time?! Pg. 14 ''Nikki congratulations on winning first place hon! If I would have known the art show judges wanted talentless junk, I would have framed my poodle's vomit stains and entered it as abstract art."

I chose these quotes because Mackenize is very rude to Nikki and always trying to be better than Nikki. Also it shows how she's a force working against Nikki

Point Of View

This story is told from 1st person point of view. 1st person is when one character usually from the story is telling the story. They use words like "I" or "Me" or "I've" .

Pg.1 "I can't believe this is happening to me!!! I'm In the girls bathroom FREAKING OUT!!!! "

I chose these small quotes because the story starts out with her telling about how she cannot survive in middle school. Also she uses the words I and I'm.