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In addition to enjoying great products at a great discount you have earned rewards toward your next purchase of $150 or more. The larger your order the larger your rewards!!! It doesn't stop there you earn even more rewards every time you shop and redeem. Its like using double discount with your already Preferred client discount of 20% plus the additional reward amount you've earned from your previous order. Just don't let those amazing rewards expire. All rewards are redeemable in a 60 day period from the time of purchase.

Because we have a new and improved website, that totally rocks, you will need use your Preferred client ID as the username and the temporary password for your first login on the new system.

Example: If your name is Jane Smith and your ID number is 11223344, then your password with be JS11223344. This is case sensitive.

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Nikki E. Davis

Having trouble redeeming your rewards, please dont hesitate to contact me I'd love to help!