Techy Tools for Teachers

a focus on K-3 literacy

Join us for a focus on early reading

This one day event will focus learners on technology tools that support and enhance K-3 Literacy.
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Techy Tools for Teachers

Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 9am-3pm

1400 2nd St NW

Elkader, IA

Join us in the conference center, rooms D2 and D3. Please bring a laptop, iPad, or both to learn and play.
9:00- 9:10- Opening and Housekeeping
9:10- 9:40- Activities to support literacy

Technology Literacy (K-2)

9:45- 10:15- Web-based programs (including time to play)
10:15-11:30- iPad apps
11:30-12:30- Lunch on your Own
12:30-1:30- Continuation of iPad apps
1:30-2:30- Mini-grants
Disclaimer: We have had schools who are looking for programs to support reading comprehension, etc. for our students. Today is NOT meant to be a sales pitch; we want to showcase mini-grant programs, web-based and iPad-based things that can be used (free OR paid).
Overview time: 10 per (30 minutes)
  • Reading Eggs (PreK-2) /Eggspress (3-6)--EdMentum (GoToMeeting)
    • Teacher Resources
  • Click and Read
  • Click and Spell
2:30-3:00- Final Questions, Workshop Evaluation