Eno River Academy High School

4th quarter- Elizabeth Tricomi, School Counselor

Advisory Lessons

These are the topics we covered in Advisory lessons this quarter. Copies of these lessons are available on my website on the grade level pages.

1) Resiliency--Part 3 Building Blocks of Resiliency

2) 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Habits 1,2, &3)

3) 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens (Habits 4,5,6 & 7)

4) Decision Making Skills


Test Prep now available on my website!

Questions of the Day for each of the following areas:

ACT: English, Reading, Math, Science

SAT: Reading, Math Writing

EOC: Biology, Math I, & English 2

Also, links to:

1) free ACT preparation through CFNC and ACT

2) free SAT preparation through Khan Academy & College Board


Congratulations Eno River Academy High School Interns!!!

On March 22, we had our first Health Fair Day. Kate Fedder our School Nurse intern helped coordinate this schoolwide event. We had 4 stations for students. They included: yoga, zumba, stress management, and nutrition.

Stress Management Class

Taught by Kate Fedder our UNC-Chapel Hill nursing intern. Students learned skills to manage stress and made stress balls out of balloons and flour.

Data Results from our Mindfulness Room

Cultural Feast

Eno River Academy's Diversity Group have been meeting with Ms. Roney to come up with a way to promote diversity and appreciation of cultural diversity. This group planned our Cultural Feast on April 7th. The goal was to bring a dish of food from your own culture or a culture that you really enjoy. The event was a great success!

Parent Technology & Internet Safety Evening

We had a great session with parents of middle school and high school students about internet safety and digital citizenship! Here is a link with the pdf of the presentation at the bottom of the page.


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College and Career Promise Meeting

We held a meeting on 3/8 for 10th grade students and parents to learn about dual enrollment courses at Durham Technical Community College.
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2017-18 ERA High School Course Selection

We met individually with 9th and 10th grade students to discuss:

1) Courses for next year and teacher recommendations.

2) Transcript updates

3) College & Career Promise options

4) Review potential careers based on Holland Code and Myers Briggs results.

Also, went to 8th grade classes and discussed Eno River Academy High School, and went through course selection process with students. We reviewed teacher recommendations for 8th graders and held a meeting with parents to determine the best courses for our students' success.

Random Acts of Kindness--March Fundraiser

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We raised $117 for Baby Lambert's family!

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Positive Post it Day

We put up encouraging words to students throughout the halls on March 29th. Random Acts of Kindness club decided to participate in this day after viewing a TED talks about the origin of the day.


Summary of TED talks

Caitlin is changing the world, one Post-It at a time. At 16, she is the creator of Positive Post-It Day. She uniquely created the event to put an end to bullying after a bully urged her to die. Positive Post-It Day has grown to an international level, celebrated as far as Japan, Brazil, England and the United Arab Emirates. Her CBC National news segment has been viewed over 4 million times.

As an anti-bullying advocate, Caitlin has spoken to thousands of kids, adults and elderly across the world about combating bullying with positivity. In addition, she empowers youth to change their world by treating others with kindness, respect and empathy. Caitlin truly believes that positivity and kindness can stop bullying, as well as solve world issues like homelessness, world hunger and violence.

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"The Kindness Diaries"

The Random Acts of Kindness club has started watching the documentary series "The Kindness Diaries."

Former broker Leon Logothetis travels the world with only a vintage motorbike and the kindness of strangers, which he pays back in unexpected and life-changing ways.

Author of "The Kindness Diaries" sends us 10 copies of his new book!

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