Stages of Government

Stage 1 Primitive Communism

Shared property a community where everybody shares what they need.

Stage 2 Slave Society

State the nation and Government used to control of Slaves. The Slave Society will fall apart because the Government will run out of slaves.

Stage 3 Feudalism

Chivalry A system of values such as honor and loyalty that knights were expected to follow.

Hereditary People class is determined by birth and there is little movement.

Stage 4 Capitalism

Private Property All production is in the hands of one person.

Wages People are paid for there work but paid less.

Imperialism Powerful Country takes over weaker Country's to access their resources for less cost.

Stage 5 Socialism

Common property production is run by workers instead of by the minority.

Labor vouches Instead of wages.

Transition Socialism is the first step of Communism a practice.

Stage 6 Communism

Statelessness is where their is no government laws or nations.

Classlessness no classes everyone works for everyone.

Propertylessness no money all goods are available based on need.