Lycoming Career & Technology Center

April 2023 Newsletter

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SkillsUSA- States

Our students taking 1st place in SkillsUSA Districts move on to compete at States in Hershey April 12th-14th. Those students are:

Jaylyn Gardner (HHS)- Criminal Justice

Paige Kepner (HHS)- Extemporaneous Speaking

Victoria Vogt (Muncy)- Job Skill O

Lorrene Jacobs ( Muncy)-Quiz Bowl

Haydn Maneval ( HHS)- Quiz Bowl

Tristen Witmer ( WR)- Quiz Bowl

Bella Shoemaker ( HHS)- Quiz Bowl

Austin Starr ( HHS)- Quiz Bowl

Extemporaneous Speaking (includes Middle School)

The competition requires competitors to give a three- to five-minute speech on an assigned topic with five minutes of advance preparation. Competitors enter the preparation area one at a time, where they are given a speech topic. They are judged on voice, mechanics, platform deportment, organization and effectiveness.

Job Skill Demonstration Open (includes Middle School)

Competitors demonstrate and explain an entry-level technical skill used either in the occupational area for which he or she is training or outside the training area. The competition requires a demonstration performing an occupational skill accompanied by a clear explanation of the topic using experiments, displays or practical operations.

Quiz Bowl

(Team of 5-7) The Quiz Bowl competition tests a team of five to seven competitors on their ability to quickly respond to knowledge questions covering academics, current events and SkillsUSA professional development curriculum. Teams will demonstrate communication skills, teamwork, problem solving and time-management skills by determining and presenting the answer to each question clearly within the five-second time frame. Each competitor will take two written tests. One will be a written Quiz Bowl test covering general academic and current events issues. The other will be the national SkillsUSA Professional Development test.

Criminal Justice

For students preparing to be police officers or to work in other areas of criminal justice. Typically, this competition will utilize both written examination and practical exercises to evaluate the competitors’ abilities and knowledge of the field. The competitors are scored on their knowledge and application of U.S. Constitutional Law, written and verbal communications skills, and their ability to handle an entry-level law enforcement position.

Automotive Technology Level 1

After a long battle with some wiring issues, the Automotive students got the engine running on a Cummins truck that is owned by one of our Warrior Run students in the class. As a group project, he and his classmates also had to cut a hole in the hood to put the stack on it.
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Automotive Technology Level 2/3

Students are working on a transmission drivability concern. They also had the opportunity to meet with the Ford Motor Company to learn about job opportunities!
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Computer Systems Technology

In Computer class the students learned to set up home/office wireless routers this week.
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Construction Technology

The students in construction are finishing up their model garages.

Criminal Justice

Students are reviewing skills in Criminal Justice. The Restraint belt, the Duty belt and the Baton are some of the equipment items they are performing skills with.

Culinary Arts

The students got creative and made fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and mixed vegetables TV dinner cupcakes!

They also created a video of the students preparing food from a different view.

Early Childhood

The student teachers and the LycoTykes in Early Childhood enjoyed fun crafts and an Easter Egg hunt!

Health Careers Level 1

Level 1 Health students are providing Oral/Denture care to their conscious and unconscious patients

PM Level 1 students are practicing preparing patient meals based on their ordered dietary guidelines
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Health Careers Level 2/3

Level 2 students are doing an aging simulation activity to help them understand the degenerative changes that occur with aging. There are also pictures of L2 students transferring patients with a hoyer lift and administering O2.
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6th grade Visit

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Spring open house

LycoCTC held a spring open house on April 27th. Local businesses, parents, and future students had the opportunity to check out what our school is all about! Tours, program demonstrations, meet and greet with the teachers and students and light refreshments were offered. It was great for people to see what LycoCTC has to offer and why "Careers Start Here"
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upcoming dates & events

May 2nd - Lyco Awards Day

May 3rd - Cooperative Education Progarm Mentor Breakfast

May 8th-2th - Automotive Car Wash

May 17th - Senior Ceremony

May 18th - Joint Operating Committee Meeting

joint operating committee

Mr. Michael Mamrak, President- East Lycoming

Dr. Carolyn Strickland- Loyalsock

Mr. Dave Shimmel- Montoursville

Mr. David Messenger- Muncy

Mr. Douglas Whitmoyer- Warrior Run

professional advisory committee

Dr. Craig Skaluba, Superintendent of Record- Muncy

Mr. Gerald McLaughlin- Loyalsock

Mrs. Christina Bason- Montoursville

Dr. Mark Stamm- East Lycoming

Dr. Thor Edmiston- Warrior Run