Kuznar's Top Chefs

Edition #2 - September 4, 2015

Cooking up a Great Year!

What an amazing 13 days of Kindergarten! I have truly enjoyed getting to know your "Top Chefs". Please mark your calendar and plan on joining me for Back to School Night on Tuesday, September 8th @ 5:30.

Math Investigations

Our math program is very hands on! We use a variety of materials and strategies to help the students work on a variety of activities that usually focus on similar mathematical content. The activities are not sequential; as students move along them, they continually revisit the important concepts and ideas they are learning. By repeatedly playing a game, or solving similar problems, students are able to refine strategies, use different contexts, and bring new knowledge to familiar experiences. Math Investigations has been geared towards...Exploring materials, Calendar routines, and introduction to Patterns. We had a great time creating a "snake" pattern, using shapes from our Tangram blocks this week.

Literacy Groups

Our Literacy program consists of many components. We have begun to explore our colors the past 2 weeks. We learn songs, create books, build the color words, and create color projects to share in class :).
We have also introduced Homework with our Poem unit. Students read the poem, draw dots under each word, and re-read the poem. This is an essential part of developing concept-of-word. Students also highlight high frequency words and create flash cards to practice at home.
Our writing practice is focusing on writing our name, using capital and lower case letters, and free writing in our journals with illustrations.
This week we have also begun word study. We introduced the students to a "feel sort box". One side had items consisting of the beginning sound of Bb, and the other side
had Tt items. We also then picture sorted our sounds into our word study books.

Important Dates...

September 8th - Back to school Night K-2 5:30-6:15
September 14th - Grand Parents Lunch 12:40 - 1:05
September 21-25 -Book Fair
September 24 -Walk / Bike to School Day
September 28 -Professional Development Day...No school

Have a wonderful long weekend! Reminder...No school on Monday, September 7th. Labor Day.

Mara Kuznar
(434) 823-4800