My Reading History

Taylor Kim (Eungyeong)

Age 4 - started reading books

Reading was my life; once a shy girl, spent most of the days reading in my room


Age 17 - One of the worst memory on reading books

In my high school, even though I was a bad student when it comes to English classes, I was always an eager student who wanted to challenge oneself in taking higher level of English classes, in an attempt to raise one's English communications skills. In this context, I took British Literature class. I am an avid reader of personal essays and non-fictions, but I hate fictions and novels. Not surprisingly, I hated every book we covered in the literature class. Of those, I struggled the most with Jane Austen's Emma. I remember I wrote a weekly reading journal on assigned weekly readings of Emma. Without the basic understanding on British culture and society on which the story of Emma is based, I simply hated the reading and did not even try to understand the whole plot of the book.


Age 20 - 30 Lessons on LIfe!

This book is the one that I keep beside my bed and try to read over and over as many times as possible; it is a gem of invaluable teachings on life from the wise elders of American society. Yes, it is comprised of life philosophies of the previous generations of US and I am a Korean from my head to the toe. However, I find those lessons in the book helpful and inspirational. I guess people's lives in many different countries all over the world have something in common-- as there is the word called "humanees" in English. I resonated with the messages in the book, and I am in the journey of making the lessons truly mine. Books are truly my teacher, friend and inspiration.


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Age 20 - A new world of beautiful poetries

I first met Sarah Kay through her famous Ted talk on her journey through the genre called "spoken poetries." I was really moved by her performance in the talk on her poem called "point B." Since then, I started research on her profile, personal stories and her works. And finally, I met her most recent publication, No Matter the Wreckage. Especially during last semester, it was my before-bed-routine to stop randomly on one page of the book and slowly read the poems until her words make meaning to me. The book is a precious gem that I treasure till now and forever.