THS Choir Newsletter

May 1st, 2022

San Antonio Trip

texas state w/ voca libre

A HUGE Thank you

A HUGE thank you to our awesome chaperones: Ms. Haagan, Ms. Foster, Ms Prince and Mr. Mramor. You were such a vital part of making the trip successful. Our THS Choir parents are AWESOME!!!

Weekly Calendar

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Attention Seniors!!!

We need the following for the end of the year slideshow:

  • Baby/young child picture (ages 0 - 5)
  • Graduation picture
  • Plans after high school.

    Upload the pictures in the google form below by May 8th
Click for the Senior slideshow google form

You can upload your pictures in the form.

Officer Applications

THS Choir is now accepting applications for 2022-23 Choir Officers. All interested students should first visit THIS LINK to gather information and expectations of THS Choir Officers. After reading this, students may apply with THIS GOOGLE FORM. Additionally, all students must acquire a teacher recommendation. The teacher recommendation sheet may be picked up from Mr. Michaelis in the choir room. All applications along with teacher recommendations are due by May 6, 2022.

Choir Banquet

Thursday, May 19th, 6pm

18 Augusta Pines Drive

Spring, TX

  • $20.00 per person.
  • Dinner is included.
  • Semi-formal to formal. (No jeans)
  • Dates are welcome.
  • Make checks payable to THS choir. An online link will be available next week.
  • Awards, food and dancing.
  • Seniors are free.

Varsity Auditions in Process

Auditions for the 2022-2023 Varsity chorale are posted and will be submitted in Schoology. Students will complete three items:

  1. Fill out a questionnaire
  2. Upload a video or audio recording of an excerpt of their UIL literature
  3. Complete a Sightreading factory upload

All three of these are due by Thursday, April 5th. Students are welcome to come to the choir room before and after school and during advisory to complete these items. Everything is due by Friday, May 6th.

THS Choir Pop Show

Monday, May 16th, 7pm

Tomball HIgh School

  • Required for all students
  • Each class will decide what to wear, but it will be accessible.
  • Lots of solos, small groups and great music.
  • Free Admission
  • Staggered meeting time starting at 5:00pm.

Memorial Day Flags. WE NEED LOTS OF HELP

We need lots of help setting flags out for the Memorial Day holiday. Students can earn credit towards next year's out of state trip or pay off any remaining balance from this year's trip. We will be setting out Thursday May 26th and picking up Tuesday May 31st.

All State Music List Released Monday, May 2nd. See below for All State Camp info.

Summer All State Camps

University of North Texas July 6 - 9

Baylor Camp July 5th - 9th

Texas State July 4th - 7th

UT Arlington July 27th - 30th

TCU July 10 - 13 or July 13th - 16th

SHSU July 17th - 20th

SFA: July 13th - 16th

University of Mary Hardin Baylor: July 11th - 13th

Lamar University: July 17th - 20th

UTSA: June 27th - 30th

TWU: July 28th–30th

Texas Tech: June 21st - 25th

HBU: July 5th - 8th

Past Due

Handbook and Medical form (8/27)

District Fee ($20.00: 9/3)

Cut time student sign in (8/27)

District Music $10.00

Varsity Polo ($25.00)

Opera Tickets ($15.00)

Spring Trip Deposit ($50.00)

Choir Fee ($35.00)

October Trip Payment ($75.00)

November Trip Payment ($75.00)

December Trip Payment (75.00)

January Trip Payment (75.00)

February Trip Paymnet 75.00

Solo and Ensemble Fee (15.00)

Final Trip fee (75.00)

Click here to view the THS choir handbook

The signature page and medical form will be sent home at the beginning of the week. If you would like a printed copy, please email Mrs Brewer or Mr Michaelis

Click here for the Chaperone Link

This must be filled out every school year and must be completed before anyone can chaperone a TISD event or volunteer at THS.

Sign up for Remind

Parents and students are encourage to sign up for our Remind texting app. Text the codes below to 81010

Concert Treble (1st per):@he343h8

Concert T/B (2nd period):@kbc8k8

Varsity Chorale (3rd period): @be3f49

Advanced Treble (4th period):@k33f4

Please note...

There are several fees referenced in the newsletter. If there are any items that cause a financial strain on your family, PLEASE contact one of the directors. We do not want any of our activities to cause financial stress, nor a child's involvement to be cost prohibitive.