News & Notes for East Middle Faculty and Staff

Sometimes life doesn't care what you appreciate, it just gives you what you can handle


Shew, friends, this has been a tough week. I spoke the words above to my daughter this weekend after she claimed "I don't appreciate any of this at all" as the urgent care doc let her know she would need surgery. I write this newsletter sitting next to her in a hospital bed at Kosair. Luckily, the unexpected surgery on her back ended up just being a cyst, but she'll miss 2 weeks of school while she heals.

Julia is at home and resting well. Her husband, Mike reports she is being a good patient. Thanks to those who pitched in on her basket; I used your donations to purchase a nice size gift certificate for TakeOutTaxi. Since she lives in the middle of restaurant central (the Highlands), I'm sure her family will put it to good use.

My aunt passed away late last week largely due to complications from obesity and unattended diabetes.

Before you shut your computer on my upbeat message, let me tell you why these events make me mindful. My wish for every one of YOU, precious people, is for you to be mindful of these things too...

1. Don't ever feel guilt for pausing and taking care of your family. I started to feel badly for not being at school Monday, but my baby girl needs her momma. I have had some conversations with some of you wrestling with similar guilt. Take care of your families. Believe it or not, when you do, you actually become more energized and fulfilled for your important work.

2. Listen to your bodies. It is because Julia listened to her body and the advice of her great team of doctors that she got such a quick start on her fight. Take care of yourselves. We need you. We love you.

3. Fix bad habits. My aunt's death convicts me something terrible. I've wrestled with weight all my life, have been gestational diabetic twice, and have had elevated blood sugar ever since. I need to fix some bad habits and I need to stop telling myself there is no time. Do you have any? Fix them now so you are better for everyone around you.

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First East Middle After School Dance is Friday! 4:00-6:00

Sponsored by PTSA

They have chaperones, but could use an extra hand or two to collect $/crowd control if you can stick around a few extra minutes.

Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

Saturday, Oct. 8th, 6am

401 East Main Street

Louisville, KY

There are several schools considering forming teams. Let me know if you are interested.

What's up this week?

Monday- J Cox out; Mr. Roettger will facilitate admin. team meeting

Tuesday - No faculty mtg; Parent Night 5:30-7 (add to your newsletter/remind); Food for those who choose to stay through after school :-); Mr. Leeper to visit East; high attendance day; we'll have raffles throughout the day for 2 e-readers, gift cards, and more!; use planning time to get ready for Tuesday evening, please.

Wednesday - at East; Ms. Dugle to visit

Thursday - at East; Ms. Martin to visit

Friday - J Cox at CO for Lead and Learn; First East Middle after school dance sponsored by PTSA (add to your newsletter/remind)