Hello to all Middle School Social Studies Students! My name is Mr. Willingham and I will be your instructor for the Spring 2016 semester. I know that you are all excited and eager to get started. However, before you do,please read the entire newsletter for information that will definitely help you navigate the course!

Class Schedules and Procedures

* All class work will be completed at your own pace. However, all assignments must be completed by 11:59 pm on every other Thursday of the designated week that the assignments are given. In order to avoid getting behind, it is highly recommend that you work ahead.

* Please pay close attention to due date and late work policies. These policies are strictly enforced per GAVS Handbook/Policy. No exceptions will be granted.

* Live Synchronous Session classes will be held on Mondays at 7:00 pm. These sessions will be used to deliver information and content pertaining to the lesson of the week. Extra Learning Opportunity Points will be given to those who attend. Attendance will be taken during these sessions.


* Email the instructor when you have questions. Do not get frustrated. There is no such thing as a bad question. We are all here to improve!

* Submit quality assignments. The more work that you put in to your assignments the better off you will be.

* Print a copy of your course syllabus and place it near your work area. As you complete your assignments, highlight the assignment so that you will know that you have completed it.

* Set aside a quiet space to complete all assignments, especially quizzes.

* Make sure that you have a back plan in term of internet access. A local library, restaurant and or neighbor who has a internet connection should always be accessible!

Digital Etiquette: How we respect our classmates!

Please view the following video as a general idea of how GAVS students conduct themselves in our online classroom.
Digital Etiquette

First Live Synchronous Session

Monday, Jan. 4th, 7pm

This is an online event.

During this first session, GAVS Middle School Students will be introduced to the class policies and procedures. Students will also have a chance to ask questions and get familiar with the course instructor. I look forward to a fantastic session!